Approach to Handling Covid-19

While in-person events and travel and now the norm again the virus is very much present and we must consider how to manage it. Please read through this page to familiarise yourself with our approach. Central to that approach is the invitation to get in touch if anything strikes you as worrying or might jeopardise your ability to enjoyably take part in the Jamboree.

  1. Please test before you travel

We ask that you take a test before you travel. This is particularly important if you have any symptoms that suggest that you might have Covid-19, but it would be appreciated if you can do a test regardless.

2. Keep testing when you arrive

We have 100 lateral flow tests to use during the week, and about 30 attendees, so everybody has at least 3 tests they can take. The suggestion is that if everybody takes a test each day after arriving then if anyone has contracted Covid-19, and if the tests managed to pick it up, then it would reduce the chance of it spreading.

If you test positive let us know straight away so we can figure the best plan to help you recover and reduce the risk for everyone else!

3. During the event

We are asking that everyone at the Jamboree is open about what they need in order to feel comfortable, and that everybody attending is respectful of everyone else's needs. While this is the underlying ethos, we have made some unilateral decisions about, for example, face coverings. Please read the following notes carefully and get in touch if you want to discuss anything further or need any discuss amendments in order to feel comfortable.

Face coverings

In line with the current norm for most parts of the world we are not insisting that face coverings be worn at any time during the event. However, if you would personally be more comfortable wearing a face covering at any point, then please do wear one.

Social distancing

By default, we encourage you to practice social distancing, i.e.., trying to maintain a distance of around 2 meters from one another. However, if you feel that you do not need/want to keep your distance from one another it is not expected and will not be enforced. The key to managing this sensibly is communication and consent. Please assume that other attendees would appreciate you keep a good distance and not have any direct contact (e.g., hand shaking, hugging, etc) unless you have checked with them first. Please just be yourselves, but be respectful that other people might want to behave differently to you.

Ventilation and indoor/outdoor space

We will do our best to maximise the ventilation of indoor spaces and to maximise the amount of time spent outside. The weather will play a significant role in the latter, but if we are lucky it will be possible to conduct lots of our activities in the space outside the venue.

What have we forgotten?

While we have tried to consider the most obvious aspects of how to approach Covid-19, we may well have forgotten something important to you. If anything like that comes to mind then please get in touch, either before or during the event, and let's talk about it.

4. What if somebody gets Covid-19?

Given we have people from all over the world coming to the event and in entirely different circumstances, will have to dynamically react to this as and when it happens on a case-by-case basis. Rest assured we will offer as much support as possible to make sure everyone recovers as quickly and comfortably as possible, and that they get home safely.